grey and green dress

I’ve finished my green and grey dress!

All ready for spring with a new dress! The pattern is kind of based on Simplicity # 4589 and Built by Wendy (or is it Built by You?) # 3835, and full of my own alterations. I lengthened the top from the Simplicity pattern, and based the lengthening of the sleeves on the Built by Wendy pattern. One problem with insisting on the “wing it – try it on – unpick seams – try again”-approach to sewing is that sometimes it turns out that it’s ok to heed the patternsizes, and that sometimes interfacing is your friend. That aside, I’m quite happy with my dress! And see the inseam pocket? Inseam pockets are the best.

A close-up of the yoke, with some fairly straight decorative stitchings:

The dress was a bit of a patchwork to make, since the pieces I had weren’t all that big. Hence the added panel at the bottom hem, and the diagonal seams on the yoke… The green bits were taken from a dress I thrifted some years back, and I just adore the color (which might be appearent from the header-image!). So far I’ve used that dress for three different projects, but there isn’t much more left of it at this point. The grey fabric came from a friends grandmothers apartment, where I was helping to downsize. In the process I scored some nifty stuff; knitting needles, knitting pattern, fantastic vintage postcards, some belts and this piece of grey material. I’m really not sure what it is though, I’m thinking a viscose blend, based on the feel of it. It’s kind of heavy, but still has a very nice drape.

At the bottom hem I wanted to line with green fabric for a flash of color occasionally peeking out. I didn’t have enough from the green dress, so I used some silk chiffon I scored after a costume job I helped out on (scraps come in handy!). The different greens match quite nicely in daylight, but looks a little off at night in indoors lighting. I think I can live with that though. Here is a detail from the hem-lining:

I can’t even start to say how much I love this greenish, yellowish color. It’s such a perfect blend of bright, muddy and acidic! I’m not sure how to refer to the color though – is it yellow-green, green-yellow, lime, chartreuse? In any case, I think it’s the perfect color to lure spring out of it’s hiding with!

4 thoughts on “grey and green dress”

  1. Finally!! I’ve been waiting for your blog:) And the dress looks great! I love the green with the grey, and both the colors and the shape of the dress suits you very well! :) Good job! Du er så flink B!

  2. This turned out great! I really like the colors and I’d be curious to see how the internal portion of the hem works in practice. (I always enjoy contrasting linings and ‘passive’ details :-)

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