black pencilskirt

Sometimes, just sometimes, you whip up a skirt, from drafting the pattern, cutting it out and sewing it up, all in one day. I was ecstatic to discover, on such a day, that of my many sewing feet, one of them was a hidden zipper foot. I was not so extatic to discover that the seam initially came too close to the zipper to be functional. That resulted in a less than fortunate incident where the zipper busted, and I was stuck in a highwaisted, snug-fitting skirt. I ended up putting my seam ripper to work on one side seam, and wriggeling out of the skirt. Luckily I wasn’t running late for anything. I’ve since fixed the sideseam and made another (forth and fifth) attempt at the seam, and it’s all done!

Some silly posings: Scarlett Johansson-style (pigeon-toed), pouty secretary-style, cell phone-style (writing silly faux french text messages), 40s-style (flabbergasted housewife).

The fabric is a medium heavy linen, quite textured. I’ve used it before for a pair of dress pants. This time around I managed to get the stretch to go the right way (across, not lengthwise!).

2 thoughts on “black pencilskirt”

  1. What a nice skirt! Looks good on you. And the posings – I think the flabbergasted housewife is my favourite. Youre so talented ;)

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