purple dress

My dear friend Stine stopped by on her way to a dance gig in Istanbul, and willingly modeled a dress I made her a year ago. She was told to bring fancy clothes for a party after the gig, and she brought my dress – I’m flattered (and proud)! This is the second dress I’ve made for her, and she likes to say she has a designer making her clothes. Who am I to argue with that – she’s my # 1 client!


She was living in New York at the time I was making this dress, and I was not, so she didn’t get to try it on before it was all done. I really enjoyed the process of designing this dress. I was quick to decide on the deep, but bold, purple, which I thought would go well with Stines fair skin. I was picturing this as an evening dress, so I decided she could pull off the rich color. Also – she’s a dancer, so I went with a cut that shows quite a lot of skin and toned-ness, especially her arms and her back. (I apologize for the dark picture – I’m learning where not to hold photo shoots!)


I was aiming for more classy than sleazy, and with all that skin revealed, the only thing that made sense was to keep the dress itself quite loose and flowing, and not skin-tight.

I’m starting to realize that pictures of outfits are easier to match in color to the real thing if they are taken in daylight (oops!), but to give you a better idea of the color of the fabric, here is a detail-shot:


Both the back and the front have deep pleats. The fabric is a gorgeous, crinkly silk chiffon I bought in Paris. I figured the dress would require less ironing, since the texture of the fabric itself would hide some crinkles.

And, as a curiosity; on the left a picture from the process of pinning the fabric and making the pleats, and on the right a dress by 3.1 Philip Lim. I swear, I didn’t see this dress until after I had fully planned Stines dress, so it was funny to see that I was unknowingly following some current trend! (unfortunately an extremely tiny picture)

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