This is one of the two colors that makes me more happy than all other colors (as evident perhaps by my header?). After making my green and grey dress I noticed how much this green-yellow color I could find around me and in my room, and these are just some of them:

(click the detailshots to see the whole thing)

From the left: a cardigan my sweet friend kindly gave me during a wardrobe purge I helped her with (eh, supervised…). I tried taking off a pocket, but that failed, so I added som linen lace to cover it up. businesscards from the school I’m attending come the fall. They had me at “hello (this is my businesscard)” ♦ my mp3 player. The salesguy said he’d been waiting for someone to buy it in this color. ♦ possibly the first thing I made in this undefinable color between green and yellow. It’s made from one skein of alpacca wool, knitted on huge wodden size 10 needles. ♦ these pillows used to have red pillowcovers, and they matched a thrifted armchair I have. Now they match all the turquoise stuff I own.I so wish this enameled plate was mine, but it belongs to my flatmate, who inherited it from her greatgrandmother or something. I’m so envious.

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