I sometimes forget that “making things” does not exclusivly equal to “sewing things”. I’m constantly working on a project, but when my knit projects are done, it doesn’t strike my mind to photograph them and post about it. Maybe this is because most of what I knit is smallish, utilitarian things; scarves, hats, mittens, more hats, more mittens… There is plenty to post about, just lying in my drawers!

Some of the stuff I knit end up in other peoples drawers though (there really is a limit to how many handknit mittens I need), like the drawers of my boy. I’m sure he’ll be packing them away now with the summer almost here, but he kindly took some pictures so I can do a little show and tell. It’s like a boy-knit-themed-post!

First up; first boy-knit-project – the skull scarf:

He had mentioned over the summer how fun it would be to have a skull scarf in pink, just for the oddness of pairing skulls with the color pink. This was his Chirstmasgift. The mom approved of my handiwork (which I appreciate since she’s a knitter too), but I do believe some of his family members found it “morbid”. The scarf has gotten much use, happily, and apparently the solid black flip-side of the scarf comes in handy for situations where people might not look so kindly on random pink skulls.

Next Christmas came socks;

The boy picked out the colors, and I was testing the fit as I was making them, so it was hardly a surprise for him on Christmas Eve. They weren’t actually done by Christmas Eve, so if I remember correctly he unwrapped a sock and a half. Haha! The yarn is a 80% wool, 20 % nylon mix, which is good for socks so the heel doesn’t wear thin too easily. Also, the yarn is fairly thin (26 sitches to 10 cm I think?), so the socks aren’t too bulky – something I really like. Hmm.. maybe bulky socks should be the next project?

And this past Christmas (can you spot a pattern?), mittens!

This is based on traditional norwegian knit-patterns. It’s my first time working in the round with two colors making pattern, and I’m quite happy with the result! This was also my first time making thumbs the proper way, with adding on stitches leading up to the thumb. It makes for a better fit than the simpler way I’ve been making thumbs, just casting off some rows at the appropriate place, and making a gap that I later pick up again. These are made of 100 % wool yarn, and since there is effectivly two layers of yarn, they are pretty dense and warm. The boy was very satisfied too, and they’ve gotten lots of use this past winter – and nothing is better than that!

And finally, the boy modelling the scarf, mittens and a hat I’ve knitted for him earlier. I think this Norwegian winter wonderland composite is pretty funny, and the boy looking all nice and serious in all his wool:

(edited to add: this is indeed a photoshopped image. Talented boy for confusing several people on this one!)

5 thoughts on “knitstuff”

  1. Oh you, oh me, oh us and wees and talent and warmth and coolness! I have lovingly worn all of these items and will continue to forever… everyone comments on them and is so amazed and I respond, “She impresses me everyday”. I look forward to more of everything!

    P.S. The photo of me is unashamedly photoshopped :-)

  2. When I see the knitting- stuff you make, I want to be the boyfriend.

    Your Selbu-mittens- work is awesome. And the scarf. Ah! The last picture even looks photoshopped, its a fairytale, I mean, the two of you should totally settle down in Norway. Yes.

    (and thanks for the email, I`ll write you back).

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