random craftiness

I don’t have a finished project to show, but there is some craftiness going around!

First up – I’ve been given a creative blogging award! The award-ee is Elisabeth over at petchypop. She’s lovely and crafty, and whenever we hang out (or live together) there is just lots and lots of making going on. Also, it’s not always you’re around people who appreciate and get excited about half-knitted socks and paper scraps and glue and vintage sewing machines (or just plain vintage). Elisabeth does. So thank you ms. petch!

I’d like to pass this on to Tina. While I think this little award has been focusing on blogs about crafts, Tina works with words, and she does it wonderfully (and far beyond little alliterations!). Also, I am impressed with her front page with tiles, and clickables, and pictures and things that change when you hover over them.

I have started a project – I cut out the first pieces of a dress today, and that’s always exciting. I’ve made a couple of mock-ups of the bodice, as I am copying this dress from an image in a magazine and essentially don’t have a pattern. So, I make it! I haven’t done proper pattern drafting in several years, so I’m anxious and excited to see if this will all work out. And, I’m willing to set my seam-ripper to work. That’s always a good start.

To the left, late night sewing on the mock-up, and the to the right, the fabric. It’s a lovely green, sleek… cotton-mix. I think. I’m using two layers for fullness and volume, so the dress doesn’t get too slinky.

Oh, and happy birthday mom. She is my craft-mentor. The quality of her work, whatever the technique and however few times she’s done it before, is outstanding. I attribute my appreciation of anything beautifully made and finished to her. And she’s teaching me to spin yarn this summer.

One thought on “random craftiness”

  1. Hi i love the green olive fabric at the end of your homepage, its exactly what im looking for, where can I buy this I would love to make a dress out of it?

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