There is something about aprons that just invites you to roll up your sleeves, and make. In grade school we would wear our aprons made in home ec class, while making food in home ec. At home the aprons would come on when we made plastic-clay room interiors on ice cream carton lids with dad, and with mom when we felted wool hats or helped her cook and bake.

For Christmas a couple of years ago I got an apron from a dear friend. She had embroidered my name on it, and sewn on a deer-patch. It is lovely. And it’s gotten so much use; for cooking, for crafting, for dish-washing, for eating… I’ve gone whole days without taking it off. I adore the efforts she’s put into making this all mine:

I was visiting a good friend in Berlin about a month ago, and whenever it was time to cook, I would look around the kitchen to find the apron. There wasn’t one. So coming back home I pulled out my own green apron to use as a pattern, and went to work. I really wanted a quick, satisfying project, so an hour later, I was ready to pose:

The fabric is a thrifted, thin curtain in a cotton-mix, so I used two layers of fabric. The sides were then sewed up, leaving strategic gaps for the band. On the upper sides I added a seam to make channels for the band to go through, so it’s adjustable at the neckline.

This was sent in a bright blue package to Berlin, where I hope it will lead an exciting life with my friend and her flatmates!

5 thoughts on “apron”

  1. Birgitte, I must say: you are adorable, the apron is adorable and by wearing it our kitchen and we ourselves as the ones making and baking become adorable. btw. the roll up sleeve-thing: no need for that at the moment. it is hot, hot, hot here!


  2. You should join the next Apron Swap over at A Feathered Nest :) I’m doing the “Summer Fun” themed one right now. FUN!

    Til min kjære lillesøss Petchy “den yngre”: det heter rubber gloves, eller mange kaller dem også “Marigolds” (det er ett spesifikt merke)

  3. Looks great B! Like the fabric you used, very graphic:) And I love your pose with the yellow gloves!! (hva heter egentlig oppvaskhansker på engelsk?! sikkert noe så enkelt som en direkte oversettelse, men det hørtes i grunn litt teit ut og jeg er trøtt…) Awesome!! hehe:)

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