plantdyed yarn

My workplace is quite nice. Among other things I do in a normal work-day, is to sell plantdyed yarn. The yarn was dyed by a co-worker a while back, for an event with kids. Now the yarn is for sale, and there is a big wicker basket full of yummy woolness waiting to be turned into something fantastic.

I was a bit slow on picking out the yarns I wanted – even though I’d eyed two balls in particular, in a rust red and a faded yellow that went lovely together – and then this sweet, old lady walked in (she was waiting for the bus) and promptly picked up the very two colors I was wanting. She clearly had excellent taste.

The next best colors were still lovely, and I particularly like the texture and soft, light wooliness of the two yellow skeins. The bright pink is not plantdyed actually, but cochineal is still a natural pigment I’d say! I believe the rusty orange-pink is heather, and the yellow might be from the flower yarrow. (for my norwegian-reading readers, kochenille, røsslyng og ryllik.)

Now… what to make of these lovely things? They are three different weights, so I’m not sure I’ll end up combining any of them, but all suggestions are welcome!

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