twice remade

I found a dress in mom’s closet many summers ago. While the shape of the dress wasn’t anything too special, the pleats, the bright blue color and the soft thin cotton was begging to be turned into a summer frock. So I went to it. While my enthusiasm was admirable, my work certainly was not. Being impatient to have the dress wearable, I took so many shortcuts it turned into a dress I never wore.

Digging it out from it’s hiding space I have done a repair on my botchy initial remake. Partly out of embarrassement, but also since I haven’t made any changes to the shape of the dress, I’ve opted to skip the “before” picture, and go straight to the “after” photo-shoot:

The initial changes I made, was to chop off the top portion of what was a sleeveless dress, and make straps instead. I also shortened the length quite a lot. The bodice was taken in to be fitted, and the original zipper put back in. Back in the days I didn’t know how to put in an invisible zipper, so that was one upgrade on this second round of remake. Someone (probably not me) had the foresight to save the scraps I had cut off from the original dress, and from the hem-leftovers I was able to add another layer to the bodice to make it less flimsy. And joy over all joys, among the scraps I found an inseam pocket from the original dress, that I had just cut around! I obviously put the pocket back in the dress, for I like my inseam pockets. Finally, I finished all the seams I had left unfinished last time. While I made no big changes, I still believe having done the steps properly this time around makes for a better looking dress.

The boy helped out by taking nice pictures with his fancy camera. And obviously, if you go outside on late summer nights, the mosquitoes will get you. Big time.

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