yellow socks

Completely unrelated to yellow socks, I was gifted this chair (and a sibling to it!) for my birthday one year by my mom. I love it.

Sometime last summer I developed a fascination with all things mustard (except maybe actual mustard). I bought fabric in mustardy colors; I bought shoes in a mustardy color, I craved clothes in mustardy colors (and to pair them with navy blues like Sportmax and Maxmara both did some years ago, albeit in various degrees of vividness – see here, here and here. The Wardrobe Remixer Ranna exemplifies this color combination beautifully. The skirt might actually be black, but it looks dark navy to me!).

Sometime between last summer and last fall, I was between apartments. I spent that time on friends couches, and maybe to bring a little homey-ness to those nomadic weeks, I bought me some mustard yarn and put my trusty size 3 knitting needles to work. I used the same yarn as for the brown and red socks – a fairly thin (mostly) cotton – my preferred sock yarn. I seldom use patterns, but after previously having made both socks that wouldn’t stay up, and socks I couldn’t squeeze into, I was quite careful to get the fit right from the start. This meant restarting at least four times, and at least four outbursts of “You took it apart? Again??” from friends whose couches I was borrowing. But I really don’t mind restarting a knit project early on, when I know it’ll make me that much more happy with the end result.

I like ribs on socks – not only to help them stay up better, but also as a visual interest. So I let the ribs continue nearly down to the toes on the upside of the sock. I really like the rhythm of knitting the ribs with two straight stitches and one purl; the purl-rows almost disappears when the sock isn’t on, only to peep out when the sock is in use!

These socks have gotten much use over the past year. There is a certain comfort in pulling on lovely-colored wooly-ness, even it isn’t very cold. And while I believe in making socks to use them, and usually don’t mind pills and other signs of wear, I will admit I made the socks camera-ready. A word of advice: Don’t wash yellow wooly things with black wolly things in the same bucket. It will result in grey pills. Ops.

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