So – turquoise is the other of the two colors that make me more happy than all other colors. I certainly adore so many other colors besides turquoise and green, but I have a good and longstanding relationship with these two. The other colors I develop a liking for seem to be more short term, and certain periods of my life is very much connected to a color, and even an accompanying taste. The summer when I was 14, I couldn’t get enough of blackcurrant; clothes, pens, vanilla ice cream with a blackcurrant jam center. The year before it was lime (perhaps because I discovered Greek salads with a sour cream-lime dressing?).

But turquoise… Well, for now turquoise can be the color of living on my own. As in the green post, this is a random collection of things I surround myself with:

(click the detailshots to see the whole thing)

From the left: This curtain was the very first thing I bought for my first rented room. Perhaps it is the reason I’ve gotten all my other turquoise objects? For me it is one of the things that instantly make a place mine. My 1972 Bernina is another. ♦ A thrifted cardigan. This is one of my top five thrift store finds ever. It’s 73 % silk, 13 % cashmere, all quality and utterly fabulous. And 5 dollars! ♦ I found these oven-mittens at home,. I really like the pattern making bold stripes of white. ♦ My first ever knitted socks. Why not try making lace-knitting for the first time too? My mom and I grossly overestimated the amount of yarn needed for the knee-high socks, so with the four balls of yarn I had left over, I’ve made mittens and a hat, and there’s still a ball or two laying around. ♦ Turquoise necklace (as in the mineral). I bought this at a huge antique market in Beijing. It was freezing cold, but so many fantastic things were to be found. ♦ This pillow is an early “own place” creation. While the fabric is nothing too special (and the execution is slightly under par…), the color is right on! I guess I often navigate towards slightly darker versions of turquoise (according to Wikipedia, I’m a fan of teal, yale blue and cerulean).

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