arrived: a package!

I was lucky enough to win a give-away over at Made by Petchy a little while ago – I was thrilled of course! Solveig has a great aesthetic, so I was really looking forward to what might come my way. Packages in the post are usually fun, but fellow crafters sending you stuff is a little bit like having a birthday.

Looking very promising and exciting indeed!

A vintage sewing pattern! And look how funky and fabulous this dress is! I am looking forward to making this dress, and I’m also really liking just looking at the envelope and enjoying the illustration. It’s taken me some years of sewing to get around to wanting a fantastic vintage pattern collection of my own – I’m very happy to have this in my collection!

It also seems like Solveig has noticed my like of aprons (which is a like we share), and this vintage apron was also in the package. I love the print and the color, and I’ve already rolled up my sleeves in anticipation of making something or another.

I’m impressed by how much it seems like Solveig thoughtfully hand-picked these things especially for me – she certainly hit the spot! Thank you so much Solveig, I adored it!

2 thoughts on “arrived: a package!”

  1. I’m happy you bought it anyway! It’s being loved already! Oh.. vintage sizes – they are quite scary at any size, but I will give it a go!

  2. That apron looks much better on you than it would ever have done on me :) I bought it despite it being far far too small for me – KNOWING it would come in useful at some point, and it did! Have fun with the pattern – again, only in my dreams am I a size 12… LOL

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