black dress pants

When I was younger, I would picture my grown-up self going to work at my office in high heels, and pressed dress pants or pencil skirts. An office job seemed exotic to me, and I guess all the woman magazines I came across pushed this visual image of the working woman. As a budding seamstress, this kind of office dress code might not happen very soon, but I can still wear my pants and my heels:

I wonder how my employer feels about the boy scouts?

This pair of pants and I have been through some rounds of disagreement. Firstly, the pattern I had wasn’t very good, and I ended up chopping off some 3 inches from the waist, and narrowing the legs by something like a third of the original width, I’m sure. High waisted, wide legged pants can be great, but the fit of the pattern was more dowdy than Marlene Dietrich. Even after the pants were all done, the legs were unflatteringly wide and I took them in some more.

For my first attempt at hip-yoke pockets for these trousers, I used some scraps I had of purple silk. After a while of using the pants I realized the silk would bulge out from the pockets while I walked – not a good look. The pieces had been too small to begin with, and it certainly didn’t look sophisticated. I eventually replaced the pocket lining with bigger pieces of black pinstriped wool, and they behave much more like pockets should now.

The last challenge with these pants has been that I cut them out from the linen fabric in the wrong direction. The give should be going across the pants, not lengthwise, but alas. I did remember this though, when sewing a pencil skirt out of the left overs of the linen. The office might come later – for now I have the wardrobe ready.

4 thoughts on “black dress pants”

  1. Hi Julia!

    I honestly don’t know what the brand the bike is – sorry! The names you mentioned didn’t ring a bell, but I don’t think the bike even has a prominent name anywhere, exept maybe “combi”, and a whole bunch of flower stickers. I bought it second hand a while back – it has served me well!

  2. Congrats on going back to school! I love school.
    I also want to ask about the bike! What kind is it? The wheels look small but not as small as a folding bike, like a Brompton or Dahon. We have Bike Fridays, along with regular bikes – no car.

  3. Thank you ms. T!

    The bike is actually mine – I bought it at home and schlepped it all the way to Bergen on the train. And it was never stolen! I’m so happy about that. It’ll be sad to leave it behind, but I’ll try to find another fabulous bike in Chicago.

    I will indeed tell you all about my asdf-school – soon!

  4. Nice pants, must have been difficult to make!

    Whose bike is it, by the way? It is so beautiful, I am dreaming of bikes these days, but you know the hardcore streets of Bergen, a bike like that would probably be stolen in, like, 12 hours. Or minutes. Well. Why don`t you tell us about your upcoming chicagoian art/design/asdf- school?

    – T

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