seamstress on the move

This is my sewing machine Earl. He is a Bernina 707 minimatic, and we’ve been sewing together for, oh, some two years. I bought him in a sewing shop one sunny spring day, and meeting up with a couple of friends right after, he got his name by Tina, who thought he looked like an Earl.

I will soon be packing up Earl in a carry-on suitcase, and taking him with me as I get on a plane to move across an ocean. And therefore, I might be a little absent from the sewing for a bit, while I get settled in.

The sewing machine is coming along since I am starting my second bachelors degree! I will quite soon be studying Fashion Design at Columbia College Chicago. I don’t know if I’ll be a typical Fashion Design student or not – I assume they come in all shapes and colors like every other student – but for now, I don’t have any grand plans of becoming a fashion designer, in the designing sense. My heart has always been with the making, in almost all kinds of handicrafts. If it involves using my hands and ending up with a palpable result, I’m in!

With this degree, I am really looking forward to finally learning all the nuts and bolts and gritty details of constructing patterns, grading them, textile properties, tailoring techniques, draping, and generally all I need to learn to make really well made garments. And I hope to have lots to show for it while I’m learning!

So – if you’re living, or travelling through Chicago, feel free to drop me a note! We can make soap while watching Project Runway or something.


3 thoughts on “seamstress on the move”

  1. Birgitte, my dear, I wish you all the best for the new era in Chicago.

    I came to think of something reading your blog about Earl. You know in the hard core years of Norwegian emigration to the USA quite many people from Sunnmøre had to choose between either buying a sewing machine and entering the local furniture factory (Stressless from Ekornes being the most famous one, although really ugly) or to buy a ticket for the America Line. And here you are, a young ambitious woman doing both.

    I am so proud of you, my dear. And I cannot wait for our next encounter on a corner in this city of street corner society.

  2. Wish u all the best in Chicago! Really sad that you are moving even further away… but who knows, maybe i´ll win the lottery or something so that i can come visit you, the boy and Earl.
    Good luck with Fashion Design, i know u will do great! And cant wait for u to teach me all the sewing secrets from the industry! Anyway, have fun, good luck, take care! miss u already…

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