stripy scarf

As predicted, it’s been quiet around my sewing machine lately. My travels to Chicago went just fine, and now I’m spending my days going to school and settling in. I’m moving into a new apartment in a couple of weeks, so I still have some time before the dust can really settle around me! Meanwhile, my sewing machine is lacking some electrical add-ons before it can function fully with this foreign electrical system, so sadly (I’m experiencing withdrawal syndrome!), sewing is still off for another little while.

In the meantime, I’ll post a knitting project I completed this summer. It’s starting to become somewhat of a tradition; for celebrations that usually come with gifts, I knit something for the boy. I made another scarf for him, since the other last one I made is adorned with pink skulls, and might seem a little morbid sometimes.

So, second in the collection of knit-for-the-boy-scarves (a collection that in the future will count at least five), here is a bold and stripy one:

I used left-over yarn for several previous projects, and I like that looking at this makes me think of other knitted projects I’ve done: the brown is from the striped socks I made the boy, the turquoise is from my sock/hat/mittens set, and the mustard is, of course, from the mustard socks. The white yarn isn’t from a specific project, but it was picked up at a yard sale. Having used remnants and thrifted materials makes me feel extra good about the finished scarf!

I blocked this scarf, and it’s the first time I’ve done that with a finished knit project. Here the sharp lines of the back side are visible. At least, this is the back side to me!

To make the stripes go lengthwise, I ended up using circular needles, to fit all of the 350 stitches on there. There were a lot of stitches to keep track of! On the circular needle it was also hard to tell exactly how long the scarf was, since it was all bunched together while I was working on it. It was exiting to cast off and see how it looked un-bunched! The scarf wasn’t knitted in the round; I knitted back and forth. I tried with just straight knitting stitches first, but I didn’t really like how the texture came out, so I went with one row regular knit, next row purl.

I really like this scarf, and the texture of the purl stitches. I might snatch it from the boy and wear it myself.

4 thoughts on “stripy scarf”

  1. så fin sjal:) du e flink! tusen takk for mailene forresten, jeg er en grusom kvinne når det gjelder å svarë på mail eller brev, faktisk skal eg skrive mail til deg nå:) håper du har det fint! kisses

  2. så fint det er, skjerfet. du er frykelig flink til å kombinere farger. og tenk at du bor i chicago! ahg. kommer du hjem i jula? har john lært så mye norsk nå at han også kan forstå hva jeg skriver? jeg sier: hils!

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