This year, September brought me a new area of study, a new school, a new city, and a new country. Like every year, it also brought me my birthday. The celebration was quite limited, since the boy and I were in the middle of apartment-moving, but we did manage to have a little party of two at a coffee shop, and I even had some presents to open! A special mention of the wool I got sent from Norway, all carded and washed and ready to be spun – I have plans to make a drop-spindle, and then turn that lovely wool into lovely yarn. I can’t wait!

At school we have delved right into projects, papers, and quizzes. The first project to be completed was in a fashion design class, looking at the elements of design – texture, color, line and form, and designing a garment based on each of those elements. Here I am in the process of water coloring my color-design, with the actual fabric above, and my sketchbook to the right.

Moving apartments was a time-consuming little project, and we’re still getting installed here. Spending a Saturday hitting up rummage sales, church sales and garage sales, we found some essentials for the apartment, like an unopened Trivial Pursuit, ca 1981, and this Japanese metal box, which goes so well with our found lamp:

Thrift-stores seem quite more equipped and much cheaper than the ones I’ve been used to, and I have to show off my most recent find. Naturally it was the color that caught my eye first – how could I not check it out? Next I looked at the label, which read merino wool, viscose, angora rabbit hair, and cashmere. On top of all that, it was ‘everything half off’-day, so the two dollar price tag turned into a one dollar price tag! One dollar!

Coming back from the test-run of the cardigan; The boy and I had a date at an Italian pizzeria, and we sat outside. Though it wasn’t an horribly chilly night, the cardigan certainly kept me toasty and happy. Approved!


2 thoughts on “tidbits”

  1. it´s so great to see what u´re doing at uni! i love the sketches and watercolor, very “Birgitte”, well done:) the cardigan is also very you, what a great find!
    cant wait to see more pictures of the appartment as well! and to read more about your life in chicago:) i really hope i can save up some money and visit you and the boy.. (probably not soon, since i´m heading to thailand after xmas)

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