vintage patterns

In the past year, I’ve unintentionally (but gladly!) started a collection of vintage patterns. All of them were sweetly gifted to me, and now it should be just a matter of time before I try one of them! The sizes are probably not quite right, so I’d expect to have to work on some alterations – and that’s always a little scary.

The bulk of them are from, I believe, the 40s, and 50s. What a treasure! The dresses are adorable, and I can’t wait to try to make them. The illustrations of the envelopes are amazing too – the entire style of the ladies is great, right down to the shoes and pinned on flowers. But how tall were these 40s women anyway?

In the pattern to the left, I am itching to try to make the shorts. They manage to look both highwaisted and tailored – that should fit the current styles quite well I’d think! A little while ago I also I also won a giveaway from Solveig at Made by Petchy, which included a sweet 70s pattern, in the center:

The knit pattern on the right was also given to me while helping to cull a friends grandmothers apartment of stuff. The funny thing was that my mom knit this exact jacket when she was young – and that I was wearing that jacket the day of the culling! I’ve used it so much that it’s fraying and falling apart, sadly. Having this pattern means I can make myself another jacket like this though, which I plan to do someday. I will even try my hand at the embroidered panels!

Now with my vicinity to more thrift stores, I will keep my eyes peeled for more lovely old patterns!


3 thoughts on “vintage patterns”

  1. Hello my sweet! Finally I got around to looking at your website. And I hope you don´t mind: I added your page to my links. Maybe you can do vice-versa? Your page is green and sweet, like you :-) I´m gonna spend more time reading your thoughts.
    I did want to tell you, although you probably know, vounge patterns have a series of vintage reproduction patterns in their stock. You might find some things there.
    and to make you a little jealous: I got a 50´s pattern book at a streetmarked in Eastern Berlin some years ago. It is loaded with goodies! You are welcome to copy images from it if you like.
    And while we´re at it. just this week I was at Fretex in Bergen and bought a lovely 50´s wedding dress and a white mink cape to go with it. Lucky me! Its not everyday you can get such great stuff at Fretex.
    Hope you are well! Enjoy life in Chicago!

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