I’m making myself some mittens, matching these ones that I made the boy a year ago. The colors and yarn are a bit different this time around – most notably the yarn is a little thicker and loftier, so the mittens might turn out a different size than the original pair! The yarn is from Stonehedge Fiber Mills in Michigan, and wow! It is unbelievably soft! I can’t wait to get my hands toasty in this pile of softness when I’m all done.


The pattern will be about the same as the finished mittens, but with darker gray on the lighter gray background.

I’m also quite smitten with my first attempts at frogging, or recycling yarn. I came across this concept on several blogs some months ago, so I thrifted a couple of sweaters with the intention of taking them apart, unravelling, and knitting them up into something new, recycled, and lovely. This link gives a great and detailed tutorial on how to do just that. As it turns out, one of the sweaters I got had “bad seams”, or overlocked seams, meaning the yarn would be cut, and not be in one continuous thread. Fortunately, it was an all wool sweater, so it can be felted, and then turned into something lovely.


Two sweaters in various stages of deconstruction, and our bike-wheel fireplace centerpiece (the fireplace is nonfunctional).

I also went about my unravelling attempts all wrong, according to the online tutorials – starting at the bottom. Every step should be done (or undone I guess) in the reverse order, so this explains why I had such a hard time getting the sweater apart! The first one is a cotton/wool blend in a tweedy black, begging to be turned into a more shapely sweater than its ultra-baggy XL original self. The second one is a denim blue, soft wool/nylon/angora blend. The yarn is quite thin, and breaks a little too easily, and from some unpicking accidents a lot of the yarn is coming out in shorter lengths (ops!). I’ve scrapped the idea of turning it into a new sweater – I don’t think there is enough yarn left at this point, but all of a sudden it became obvious what I should make, and for whom. I adore when projects just pop up fully fashioned like that! Well, in my mind, at least.

Now that the semester is at an end,  and more time is on my hands, I feel some creativity urges coming back in time for the holiday season. Still, this will be a very low key Christmas when it comes to gifting. I might take my tendency to send off gifts a little late a step further, and just send out handmade things randomly whenever the ideas are conceived and realized. Perhaps that’s the way things should be.


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