tulip-skirt, remade

After a bit of a hiatus on the creating front, I’m feeling like I’m on the way back to my regular craftiness. The middle of winter has seen much more knitting (a couple of big projects are underway), than sewing, probably because it’s much easier to snuggle up with a blanket, a cup of tea, and some knitting needles than it is with a sewing machine!


This skirt has been through several stages of transformations – I finally made the last changes, so it should be quite wearable now! To begin with this was a below the knee, A-line, light dusty grey-blue corduroy skirt from trusty H&M. I wore it and loved it for many, many years before I finally grew a bit tired of it. I had a pile of textiles and clothes I was going to dye a teal-ish color, so I threw the skirt in with the rest. I love the new color, which is more or less just a darker, richer shade of the original color. The pattern is based on the Marie skirt from BurdaStyle. The pattern is wider at the waistline than it is at the hem, so I turned the skirt up-side down so the hem was pleated over and turned into the waist. To make it easier for myself, I kept the side seams and used the BurdaStyle pattern as more of a template.

After wearing the skirt a couple of times though, the waistband stretched, and my high-waisted skirt was no longer so high-waisted! After many months in the ‘to do’-pile (and a cross-Atlantic move!), I finally sat down for half an hour and whipped up a waistband, interfacing it so the skirt will now stay high-waisted. The time spent in waiting must be directly disproportionate to how long it actually takes to fix it!

skirt_photo skirt_reflector

With a photographer boyfriend, anything has photo-shoot potential!

I think I am ready to tackle the rest of that ‘to-do’ pile now!


2 thoughts on “tulip-skirt, remade”

  1. Hei du, morsomt å se tulipanskjørtet ditt. Forstår at det er en gammel kjole du har farga og sydd om. Jeg husker at du brukte den. Formen er litt fremmed for meg, men jeg synes du ser fin ut i det. “Allting kler den smukke” vet du!

  2. åh, Birgitte, innimellom må jeg bare inn å snike på deg. consider this a snikattack!
    jeg har sett det på det skjørtet flere ganger nå og hver gang kommet frem til at det ser fryktelig fint ut. jeg tenkte så at kanskje du ville like å høre at jeg likte det også: for det gjør jeg virkelig. fjonge fine frøken! jeg tråler berlin for noe lignende og tenker at jeg må sy et selv om det ikke dukker opp snart.

    du er skjønn! slengkyss fra berlin!

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