outfit: thrifted jacket

Last weekend, the boy and out went out for a walk in the neighbourhood, and quite randomly stopped by the local thriftstore. I found this jacket, and at $7 it was quite a steal!


The tag says it’s from a 2004 season, and it’s in excellent condition. Now – I actually already have another couple of double-breasted trench-looking jackets in different lengths – but in black. I guess I’ll have myself quite a collection if I keep this up! The hat, scarf, mittens and skirt is made/remade by me, and the shoes are thrifted.

The appearance of this skirt in two consecutive posts is purely random – this is the first time since last post I’ve worn it. And, I think this door might be my new photoshoot spot – I seem to gravitate towards this place for outfit pictures.

I haven’t had a finished project to show off in quite a while now. I have been happily crafting, I just seem to be at the same stage of all of my projects; the middle. Haha! I think I will have some finished this soon though, especially with the anticipated Spring Break currently upon me.

3 thoughts on “outfit: thrifted jacket”

  1. Lovely Dorte – spring is springing slowly. Some wonderfully warm days are followed by bitter days, but it’s getting better, most definitely. And sometimes, I do a little snickattack. ;)

  2. I shall say thiz only onze: The jacket is fabulous, Birgitte!
    And your shoes look lovely. Has spring sprung over there yet?

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