thrift score

I went thrifting today with a friend, and man, was it successful! Between the thriftstore and the yard sale we went to, I got two dresses, a couple of sweaters, a couple of belts, a bag and a pair of shoes. I was very impressed with the selection, and with gorgeous weather to boot, it was one nice day. A couple of things need a little tender loving mending-care before they are ready to be worn, but in the meanwhile, I’m ready to step in as an extra on Mad Men in my wholly thrifted outfit:


Even the chair in the picture is thrifted (but not today, I got it many months ago. It’s waiting for new upholstery), and the glasses once belonged to my mom, back when she had barely turned twenty. I had new glass lenses set into the frames, and I keep them around to use when the fancy strikes. I realized the dress must be fairly old. I found several labels inside with old fashioned fonts,  one reading Int’l Ladies Garment Workers Union. I also found a couple of cotton armpit-patches, safety-pinned in! The dress unfortunately has a couple of spots with moth damage, but otherwise it fits like a glove.



The patent leather belt set me back a mere dollar. I’ll take that.

The yard sale we went to was more of a closing sale, I guess, than anything else. A couple of women who did styling/costuming was closing their warehouse space, and held a sale in the backyard of a coffee-shop. It was lovely, and jam-packed with cheap goodies, among them, the handbag and these shoes. I loved my new shoes so much I changed into them at once. The heel-shape is so nice, and the detail on the front really makes the whole shoe.



More thrifted goodness to be shown later! And real April weather – welcome.

3 thoughts on “thrift score”

  1. Nice catch! I really like the shoes, too. That is a good thing about living in larger cities in the States, there are so many thrift-shops and garage-sales and you can find so many great things!
    Oh, and the dress looks great on you. Judging by style, I would think it must be 50s or 60s.
    I just wanted to tip you, since I know you like vintage patterns: check out the website of this artist.
    She makes really cool stuff with old ads.

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