mittens, done at last

While April is trying to decide between being winter and summer, I can pretend I finished these mittens in the right season.


I started them back in December, and over the Christmas break I worked on them a lot – on buses, trains and planes. Well, perhaps mostly while waiting in airports actually. I used the first pair of mittens I made as my pattern, just counting my way on the mittens to get the numbers and stitches right. I’m not even sure I still have a xerox of the original pattern, but I’m no stranger to winging it when making things. Since I changed some patterning as I went along on the first pair, I had to do the same thing here. I also reduced the space between the pattern and the edge-band by one stitch, and that meant some fudging and mathematical tweaking. I won’t point out where, but yes, there are some wonky spots on these mittens.


The main part of the mittens came together nicely over the Christmas break, but then it just came to a halt. The thumbs has taken me perhaps a couple of hours each to make (including ripping out silly mistakes), but space the making of the thumbs a couple of months apart, and it’s April and I’m making merino wool double layer winter mittens.


I comfort myself with the thought that mittens are always useful, and these will wait patiently until the weather turns chilly again. Until then my mittens!


2 thoughts on “mittens, done at last”

  1. Dear daughter of mine,
    congratulations on your new pair of Selbu-mittens! I have a copy of the pattern if you need one…… My mitten is half done in a drawer and has been for a long time. Sigh!

  2. I like the subtle colors, they look great on you! And don´t worry about it being April. There will be more winters, they will be cold, and your mittens won´t ever go out of fashion!

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