stash booster

I heard through the grapevine that a friend of a friend was clearing out her sewing studio, and giving away lots of fabric for free. Yummy! I almost felt a little greedy, but the studio-holder said it would just be thrown away if nobody took it home with them, and who am I to argue when encouraged to grab free fabric? There must be some major karma coming her way.


Click the picture to get a better look at the stash.

A couple of the fabrics in the picture came from a different studio-clearing day though – the plaid cotton is perfect for a new shirt for the boy, and a shiny, silky, wine-red fabric may very well turn into a pillow-cover soon. The rest was all from the same swoop, and there are some real goodies there! The mustard colored chiffon on top of the center pile would look wonderful as a breezy cocktail dress, and some of the patterned textiles I’ve already placed around the apartment as curtains, tote bags, and for reupholstering chairs. Some pieces are just remnants, but being thriftily inclined I usually find a use for them anyways!

The less tidy pile to the left is my to-do pile. It is higher than ever, chock full of things to mend, things to hem, and things to plain finish after having abandoned them for longer period of times. Good thing the end of the semester is soon upon me!


2 thoughts on “stash booster”

  1. Lucky you! I like the one thats red and ochre with the leaf-pattern. by the way, have you heard of “the charm school dropout”? Its a blog, with the most wonderful use of vintage fashion photos in collage. There´s a link on my site.

    What are doing after exams? Are staying in Chicago, or coming home or moving on?

    1. I will check out the charm school dropout! I’ll be staying in Chicago another couple of years, and actually finish this degree. But then I am pretty sure I’m coming home to rejoin the theater-world there! :) (And to hang out with you in it, of course!)

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