homemade herbal shampoo

I’ve come across quite a lot of recipes for all sorts of homemade, natural stuff floating around the web. Well, I guess it’s more that I seek them out – I love homemade stuff in all shapes, colors and forms! Some recipes that have caught my eyes are for laundry soap, natural dyes, deodorant, and homemade shampoo. Petchy of Made by Petchy even posted homemade hair removal wax recently! I decided to try out the shampoo:

shampoo_beforeIngredients I used for my homemade shampoo: Castille soap (I used the unscented Baby Mild Dr. Bronner variety), a pouch of citrus chamomile tea, some loose chamomile tea, a couple of drops of lime oil, and an empty plastic bottle.

I found several shampoo recipes that were similar, so the only way my shampoo differs from the linked one, is the amount of castille soap. I probably doubled the amount of soap, which probably made up about an fourth of the total volume. Homemade shampoo is surprisingly and satisfyingly easy to make – it only really took 1o minutes to make, outside of having to wait for the tea to steep. So, I boiled a little less than a cup of water, poured it over the tea/herbs, and let it steep. In the plastic bottle I poured in a couple of ounces of castille oil, a couple of drops of the lime oil, and then finally the herbal concoction.


All done, with a fancy homemade label and all!

I must have spilled some of the tea-steeped water as I poured it in the plastic bottle, it didn’t fill quite up. I read some reviews of this type of homemade shampoo online saying it turned out very thin, and with 6 parts water and two parts (very thin) liquid soap, I wasn’t surprised to find that it was indeed a very liquidy shampoo. It works perfectly fine as a shampoo anyways, and the thinness doesn’t bother me as much as my hair feeling squeaky clean after using it (really,  more squeaky than squeaky clean). I think this is a Dr. Bronner thing though, so even though my homemade herbal shampoo has gotten a new life as homemade herbal handwash, I am prepared to try again with a different soap. Plus, it’s so fun to make your own stuff!

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