frogged yarn

Oh dear, I think I’m quite addicted! I picked up a sweater at a thrift-store a little while back, and while I absolutely loved the color, it was a size XL. I know some people are able to pull of the whole belted-baggy-thing with leggings under, but I realized the other day that I’m just not one of them. Since I can’t part with the gorgeous color, I might as well frog the thing, right?

yarn_froggedMustard? Ochre? Goldenrod? Amber? Gorgeous!

This is my second round of taking apart sweaters – the first time I tried this was before Christmas. Like last time, I used this tutorial, which is excellent and clear, and by following it step by step, the sweater came apart very cleanly and quickly. The actual frogging of the yarn (I guess it’s technically the sweater being frogged) is the really fun part! It’s so satisfying to go ritch-ritch, and to see the ball grow as the knitted piece diminishes. Here is the thing though – the yarn is super super fine. I didn’t really stop and consider this before taking it all apart, but knitting any sort of garment with this would not only take forever, but I would never be able to achieve the same gauge as the original knit.

I’ve come across some projects on ravelry that might work (see here and here), and one option is to knit with the yarn double, as I’ve seen some people suggest. I’m also wondering if it won’t work with a machine knitting class I am taking this fall… Hm. At any rate, the frogging has been fun, and it’s yummy to just look at in the meantime!


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