couch cover – one down, one to go

couch_sewThis is what it looks like when I’m making a couch cover. There is a whole lot of fabric to maneuver.

In our living-room, there lives a couch that we didn’t buy new. Since we didn’t buy it new, we kind of didn’t choose the multi-colored, fading stripes that adorns it. So, enter my sewing skills and a little bit of seat-pants-flying: I’ll just make a couch cover to, well, cover the couch.

This project has been several months long, from start to finish. After deciding that we needed couch-covers for both of our non-new couches, we had to decide on a fabric. Unfortunately, there wasn’t nearly enough of my first choice, a nice, textured, light green-grey twill, to cover both sofas, so I had to get an additional fabric to match.

couch_beforeThe fabric is just a tad busy. On the seat are the panels of fabric all cut out and folded. It doesn’t look like much, does it!

Also unfortunately, there was almost not enough of the green-grey twill to cover even one of the couches, so some serious mathematics and planning and visualizing had to be done to make it work. I think this was actually the biggest part of the project – just figuring out how big each panel could be, without running out of fabric. For the most part, the sewing went pretty easily. Since almost all of the panels were rectangles of different sizes, there were a lot of 90° angles to deal with, but with some planning and some patience, they stayed pretty squared off.

couch_afterAaah, much easier on the eyes!

The twill was a bit denim-like, so to finish off the couch-cover and give it a little extra something, I top-stitched the seams with a heavy-duty yellow thread. I like the fun little detail! I made some pillows to match as well: for one I used the leftovers (wrong side out) , pairing it with an orange flower-patterned linen to match the yellow top-stitching. The other is made from the fabric I bought for the second couch-cover (an armrest of that couch is visible in the picture), with a green zipper across.

couch_detailPillow & topstitching.

I invested a whopping $12 dollars in the twill (yey sales!), and even if I include  a dollar for the zipper on the pillow, that’s still a pretty cheap couch-cover! Now I just need to recover a bit before I tackle that second couch…


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