hello again grey dress

Remember the grey and green dress (that also was my very first post here on this blog)?

dress_beforeThe walls only looks slightly pink because it was very dark when I took the picture. Lots of photo-editing = bad.

Yeah, it’s not grey and green anymore. I mentioned a couple of things that were a bit wonky with the dress already back then, like me having chosen the wrong size for the yoke (too small), and that I should have used interfacing. The dress didn’t exactly look bad, but there were some things that just weren’t quite right. Since the yoke wasn’t very stiff, and it was a size or two too small, it sagged and pulled to the side, making a not-so-flattering gap where the upper edge fell away from my body. Hmm. Also, the sleeves were quite tight, which made the dress just a tad unpractical to wear. Lastly, and I guess, most importantly – I could never get that green color to work with anything. I do love that color, but being so bright, and in pretty stark contrast to the grey, I found it hard to pair it with pretty much anything else in my wardrobe.

dress_afterOff to market, ehm, the cobbler to pick up my shoes. The ones on my feet are from Sally-Jane Vintage.

So, here is an “after” of sorts. I replaced the green fabric with a brown/blue floral patterned fabric – it’s giving me a bit of a House on the Prairie-vibe! It blends more with the grey fabric, which I think is a good thing – it will be much easier to wear with all my other clothes now!


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