turquoise halterneck-dress

I’m making August the month of dresses with this post – third in a row! (That I made this some summers ago doesn’t matter, does it?)


This was the first dress I made my dear friend Stine, the second being this one. I had promised her a dress for her birthday, and with a school trip to China coming up, it made sense to get my hands on some slinky silk while there – it being the country of silk and all! Picking a color was easy – I had a recent picture of her in mind, wearing a turquoise jacket that worked with her fair complexion perfectly.


Back from the trip to China, I draped most of this dress straight on a dress-form, with Stine’s measurements close by to double-check. I’m pretty sure this was my first attempt at draping, so there were a couple of bumps along the way! I was fortunately able to try the dress on Stine before finishing it completely, and it did need a little adjusting here and there – mostly in the bust-area, where the gathering was a little bulky. I ended up hand-sewing all the hems on the dress, mostly because the silk was hard to control while machine-sewing, but also I just like doing things by hand.



Yes, it’s really low cut in the back. But she’s a dancer! And the best part? She’s worn the dress lots.

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