yarn stash


Hello my yarns. Just like with my fabric stash, I started over again with my collection of yarns when I moved to Chicago last year. This might actually be the largest my stash has been in a long long time, so I’m in decent shape! I love just looking at my skeins and balls and cakes. I recently got a ball winder, and I can’t believe how fun it is to play with, ending up with beautiful yarn cakes, with textures that reminds me of honeycomb.

I have plans for much of the yarn, so hopefully (ah, twofold… I won’t be able to just stare at the pretty yarns in skein-form anymore) the stash will shrink over the winter as I snuggle up with my knitting.

  • The dusty grey-blue yarn to the left is 11 skeins of Sisu, waiting for me to knit it up into a cardigan, hopefully looking something like this.
  • Chunky green yarn… will become a chunky scarf (possibly plural).
  • The lovely lovely, and very very thin mustard yarn in the middle is already on its way to become a light, shawl-collared cardigan in my machine-knitting class. Can’t wait for it to be all done!
  • The also very thin denim-colored yarn next to it is being used for a hat and a scarf in the same lace-pattern.
  • Finally, the dark grey yarn to the right is what is left-over from the sweater I frogged, only to knit a new sweater out of it. A pair of socks are underway, as well as a scarf. The lovely thing with both of those projects is that I can keep going until I’m all out of yarn! I love projects like that.

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