slouchy hat


One of the purposes of fall is to wear hats. Soft, warm, textured hats that makes your cheeks feel even rosier. And if you make the hat yourself, and the yarn is lovely and delicate, and the color is perfect, and the leafy lace pattern is the most enjoyable pattern you’ve knit in a long time, well – that’s a fall hat.



The yarn came from a sweater I took apart last winter. It really was a thin yarn, so I ended up knitting with it double, so the hat wouldn’t end up too thin or fall apart if you looked at it the wrong way. The lace pattern is from last winters Vogue knitting magazine, originally on a cardigan.

To use the pattern on the hat, I first figured out about how many stitches I needed for the circumference of the hat (I think about 150 – found out by trial and error, knitting the ribbing). Then, knowing how many stitches the repeat of the lace pattern was (10 stitches), I got 15 repeats of the pattern, and exactly 150 stitches. I might have increased or decreased after the ribbing was done – I don’t remember. But! It’s not hard to apply repeat patterns from other types of garments to a hat. The best thing is that the yarn-weight doesn’t matter; you’ve already figured out how many stitches you need to get the right size hat, and so the number of repeats will just be what it is. Decreasing towards the crown was the hardest part – especially with a lace pattern to consider. I made it all up as I went, but it was the only time I wished I had instructions to refer to.

dortehat_frontNot quite fall yet in this picture – I finished it during the summer, before sending it off to Berlin.

Knitting this, it was lovely to feel something else than stockinette under my fingers, just yummy textured softness. There is more left of this yarn, so don’t be surprised to see something similar to the hat in the future! This particular one is already at its new home in Berlin, where fall has begun, and the hat is in use. Just like it was meant to.

6 thoughts on “slouchy hat”

  1. Hey sweetie– this hat (as well as all of the clothing you’ve constructed) is beautiful! I would love one!!! :) We need to get together sometime too– I still can’t believe that you’re so close! (soon)

  2. I trust you for the assignment, Birgitte! Btw. I’ll post you a photo of the hat on me soon. I made a small adjustment to it this morning actually. I think it might be going to Brandenburger Tor tomorrow. It’s most def alive and well. And on top! Iiii!

  3. The hat is having a blast in the Berlin Fall of 2009! Thank you!
    Btw. I´m testing the postal service at the moment. Keep an eye on the mailbox, my loveliest seamstress.

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