There have been quite some blog-awards roaming around lately, and I’ve been the recipient of a couple of them! They are “10 things that makes me happy” from HarbourMaster, “Truthx7” from elisa petch, and “Outrageous untruths” from Janne at Spindelmaker (Thank you guys!). In the spirit of the (soon returning!) “Glee”-style mash-ups, this post will be a little bit of all of these things; some things I’m liking right now, some random things about me, and maybe a little something that isn’t true? We’ll see!

Blue skies. So welcome at the end of a long winter.

  • Though I’ve been a vegetarian for some 10+ years, I will not stay away from leather. It might seem at odds, but as long as the demand for meat is great enough that the leather is a by-product, it just has too many good qualities to keep my distance (durability, breathing, water-resistent, etc). It might be that my pioneer-dreams are shining through – the ones where I run a farm with animals, living off the earth, spinning my own yarn that I then knit into garments for my family.
  • I brew beer on a regular basis.

I love having several knitting projects going at any given time. For some reason my current projects all have shades of blue in them, ranging from blueish grey, to teals and seafoams. I do love the green-blue spectrum of the color-wheel.

My trusty, beautiful, old Bernina.

  • I used to play the bassoon. Perhaps one day I will take it up again.
  • I kind of despise the smell of patchouli, at least in perfumes. I think it smells like mold.
  • I am now a fashion design student (with a kind of self-directed, unofficial costume design minor), and before that I was in a “Medieval studies” program. My concentration was Art History, and though all the fields are close to my heart, art history is the closest. I love going to art museums, discussing the artworks, learning about the artist, his or her intentions, the background of the movement – all of those good things.

Shades of green and blue in ceramics. The cup that holds coffee-beans (ehm..? Other than that they make the kitchen smell good, I’m not quite sure what the beans are doing there!) was a gift from a friend who made it in pottery class – especially for me. Since it’s without a handle (by request!) it fits into my hands perfectly, and she managed to choose the exact shade of blue I love most of all.  *Love*.

So, some likes, some truths – and one untruth. Care to guess which one it is? ;)


3 thoughts on “mash-up”

  1. Janne – you are indeed right; at the moment, I’m not brewing any beer. I bake a bunch of bread though, and I’d love to get into beer-brewing eventually!

    This also means that the perfume thing is still oh, so true. I stay away from patchouli.

  2. Hm. One untruth. Not sure. I recognize some of the truths, but untruth? Maybe the beer-brewing? I know your family makes olive-oil in Italy, and would be likely to make wine. Beer I don´t know, since you move around, and need relatively big equipment…?
    Could also be the perfume.

    1. Ooo! I should have mentioned the olive-oil. I was racking my brain to come up with interesting things to tell about myself, and I forgot the olive-oil, which is something kind of unique. Heh… next time! (John and his buddy actually went together and bought brewing equipment to make mead, a couple of years ago – completely true!)

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