couch cover completion

Remember this? It would take almost an additional year before I got around to that second couch!

Some new pillow-cases to match, and the same top-stitching detail as on the other couch.

This is what the couch looks like, au naturel. It might not look all that terrible, but between yellow foam poking out from seams, tiny little sharp nails sticking out on the front of the armrests (I just have no idea what would be for!), and the really nubbly, stiff, and synthetic upholstery fabric, let me tell you… it was time.

There are fewer pieces and less straight corners on this couch than on the other, which actually made it far easier to sew. But like last time, the amount of fabric we had was *just* enough to cover the couch, which led to some serious brain-activity as we did calculations upon calculations, and a whole lot of visualizing how these flat pieces of fabric needed to come together to cover this particularly shaped 3-d object. Honestly, it’s so much work figuring out how to make these things, that I’d be perfectly happy to never make a couch-cover again.

The rumpled front is the post-washing result of a chocolate-eating. Chocolate + light-colored fabric = lots of spot-cleaning.

The living-room does looks much calmer and unified though, and it is wonderful to finally have them both done!

2 thoughts on “couch cover completion”

  1. I hear you – figuring out how to make a couch cover is a major brain drain! Looks like you did quite well though. And two covers! I’m sure it would have taken me way longer than just a year to get around to the second one. =)

    1. Thanks Aimee! Oh, I’m glad I’m not the only one to struggle a bit with these brain-draining couch covers! (Don’t tell anyone…. the second couch isn’t hemmed yet! I was just way to anxious to say I was done with them, haha!)

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