stashbusting: spring silk

There is something in the wind in the blogworld, and I want to take part! In the past several months I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on stashbusting, which is something I’ve been mulling over for a while as well.  After adding to my fabric stash a while ago I started to feel like I should be using up the fabric that was just lying there. At the same time, I was reading about the stashbusting (or related) projects on cargo cult craft, Mena’s Sew Weekly, and in Zoe’s post on Colette Patterns.

Ok, now with all the links sorted out, what am I going to be doing with my stash? For me right now, participating in something organized feels too constricting in a way, so I’ll be setting very loose rules for myself. The point for me is to use the fabric I already have in the best way possible, so I’ll try to make garments that use up as much as possible of the individual pieces of fabric. I also want to either use patterns I already have, or patterns I draft myself.

In the spirit of the moodboards that are becoming quite the staple, here is what I’m planning:

Sources: pattern image; Simplicity, pink/red dress; anthropologie, and fancy lady in shorts; Wardrobe Remix ca May 2008 (if anyone knows who the owner of the image is, please share, and I will credit appropriately.)

I’ve seen a lot of drapey sleeveless tops around, so with my one yard of blush-colored silk I got in China some six years ago, the plan is to make view B of Simplicity 4589. I’ve had a tendency to only buy a yard of a pretty fabric if I don’t have a project in mind for it, and that severely limits the options down the road! There should be just enough of this fabric for this top though, and to challenge myself, I’m planning to make it reversible. The shine of the silk can be a bit too dressy for an everyday top, so I’m planning to use seam-finishes that are nice on both sides for maximum versatility.

Anyone else feeling the weight of their stash? Planning some stashbusting yourself?


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