This is the third installment in my ongoing series of favorite colors. Parts I and II were green (well, yellow-green, lime-ness), and turquoise. Looking at those two collections of color, not many of the objects are actually things to wear, to put on my body. Surveying mustard-colored things I’m surrounding myself with, I was surprised to see that they were pretty much all things to wear. In fact, I’ve even made half of them myself!

(click the detailshots to see the whole thing)

From the left: Yummy, yummy plant-dyed yarn that I picked up from the museum I worked at a couple of summers ago. I’ve been fondling it ever since (maybe mostly with my eyes), and I haven’t found a project yet that is worthy of its yummy-ness. Not to mention I only have those two skeins, so it won’t be a big project! ♦My first ever designer-piece! It’s by super-talented Abigail Glaum-Lathbury, who is based here in Chicago. I love how unexpected it is, but it still feels manageable, and just delightfully special. ♦ Mustard + corduroy + shorts = happy. ♦ Socks, socks, socks. I think I made these much more for the sake of the color, than I did for being in want of socks. ♦ My beautiful linen/wool scarf. I’ve been using this year-round for years now, and it’s bright enough to cheer up grey days, but not so bright that it seems out of place in winter. It’s from Swedish design brand Gudrun Sjödén, who I respect deeply for their business model, their focus on sustainability, and design interest in folklore. Very good work Gudrun. ♦ My very first: cardigan. Knit cardigan. Machine knitted cardigan.


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