Meet Giacometta. She’s named after the sculptor Alberto Giacometti, because really – she’s all gangly and awkward like his sculptures. She is a part of a project at school, where we’re working with dolls as the inspiration for further design. It’s like a three dimensional sketch in a way!

This image came up during our slide-show presentation, and I just fell in love with the shape of these doll-creatures. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the artist is, but if anyone does – I’ll be ready to put up some links! I do wish I knew whose work this is, I’d love to see more of it! Anyways, I sketched out a shape similar to these dolls on some muslin, stuffed her with scrap pieces of yarn, and started playing around with pieces of fabrics, clock-parts, and old lockets.

Yes, that’s an old locket that function as the doll’s eyes. It’s reminding a lot of people of little creatures in the movie “9”, and I can certainly see that. There is also some chiffon and satin silk scraps, and a small handful of clock-parts. I bought an old-ish alarm clock at a thrift-store, and after some muscle effort and pliers and safety goggles, I had a small pile of clock parts to use as decoration (Janne has a picture in one of her posts, where I’m hard at work pulling that clock apart).

(click to see larger)

The next part of the project is to scale up the design (or, be inspired by the doll-design) for a full size garment. I got myself some more clock-parts (this time I just bought them on etsy!), some black mother of pearl shells, some beads, and some yards of silk. I’m excited about the final outcome!

I’ll be back with the finished garment – and it won’t be long, since the semester is over in two weeks!

(Oh, and see that green thing in the background? I’m working on making a book – from scratch! I’m almost done with it, so more pictures are coming!)

3 thoughts on “giacometta”

  1. Looking gooo-oood!I am so looking forward to seeing more of the real-size outfit and the book too. (You should post that picture of you with the goggles undoing the clock.) Oh, and her eyes are precious!!

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