my new vintage sewing book

Look what I got via air-mail! I was lucky enough to win a give-away over at cargo cult craft, and the prize was a vintage sewing book called “Complete Dressmaking in Pictures”. I was beyond excited to win this one!

In the give-away post I was really drooling over how detailed and solid the sewing instructions looked, and also the pattern (or instructions) for this afternoon dress. Isn’t it sweet? I can’t wait to make one!

The book has instructions on making blocks from measurements, which I am really excited about. I’m very interested in patternmaking, and specifically in the different approaches to making personally fitted blocks. I am so looking forward to trying this method, alongside other ones. (Oh, and a tiny little flying bug was also curious about the blocks – click to see the larger image)

There is a wealth of techniques in this book, and not only are they illustrated, but they also have catchy titles! “Pick your pocket” or “Take a tuck” anyone?

And of course… lots of things I haven’t even heard of before – such as “mantua-makers seam”. This is perhaps what I’m most excited about; learning new techniques! On my road towards becoming a seamstress extraordinaire, this will be a good tool I think! So, thank you Susannah, for making my week, and for providing my summer reading!


4 thoughts on “my new vintage sewing book”

  1. So happy you got the book safe and sound! I’m looking forward to see what you make of the instructions for designing from blocks. I really like the tone of that book — no mystery, no hoopla. It just coolly assumes you’re up to all the tasks it describes.

    Enjoy the sewing!

  2. You lucky girl!!! I am slightly greenish with envy! But as long as you promise to teach me some of the secrets, I´ll be all smiles again :-) Besides, maybe we can trade secrets: I have a vintage sewing book from Berlin, published in the mid-fifties. Thee are some cool dresses in there too. Need to practice my German first maybe… Enjoy!!!

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