the pebble vest

There is a new baby nephew in the family, so of course I need to gift him some wool! Yes, I realize that this is the completely wrong season to be giving growing babies wool garments… I have no eye for baby-sizes, so half of the time this looks alternately too big or too small anyways. It was a quick and lovely knit however, so I figure that if not this particular baby nephew, someone will get some joy and use out of this vest.

The pattern is Pebble, the manly baby vest, by the Thrifty Knitter. As with most of my projects, I wanted to start immediately, with a complete disregard to recommended yarn-types and needle-sizes. This particular yarn came from a thrifted sweater that I frogged, and holding the yarn double, I came pretty close to the gauge in the pattern recipe.

This is a pretty popular pattern; it has 827 projects on Ravelry, and a favorite blogger of mine, Amanda of SouleMama, is on her third vest in about a year! I think my favorite part of this little project was the garter stitch. For being the dreaded beginner-knitter stitch, it is surprisingly squishy and yummy! I’ve kept my distance from the garter stitch for a long long time, but it’s just perfect for baby-projects.

I’ll be seeing the little family addition in person really soon, and I’m excited (a bit apprehensive too I have to admit!) to see if the vest fits. It seems easy enough to size the pattern up, so I think there might be more of these coming in the future!


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