the stashbusting chronicles: blush silk top

Remember that? It was what I was planning for the first garment in my personal stashbusting project. And I think my outcome is pretty successful!

I think the color of this silk is just lovely. While I’d consider it pink, it’s a bit more muted, a bit more blush, and a whole lot more flattering than a standard bubblegum pink – at least with my skin coloring! The silk itself is of course equally lovely as the color. It was very slippery to work with however, and I did a whole lot of basting on this blouse, to help everything stay in place while I was sewing.

The pattern is Simplicity, 4589, view B, and I cut this top on the bias, so it hangs quite nicely. The fit of the original pattern seems slightly outdated – it is definitely shorter and wider than what I prefer. I added several inches to the hem, and if I’m not planning to cut the fabric on the bias on any future tops from this pattern, I would take in the sides a bit as well.

I also attempted to make the blouse reversible. The right side of the fabric has lots of sheen, but I liked the matte “wrong” side just as much, and wanted to have the option of  wearing them both. For the side seams I used flat-felled seams that looks nice on both sides, and for the hem I folded the edge of the fabric over twice, sewing as close to the edge as possible. At the last minute I decided to pair the shiny yoke with the matte body, and vice versa. I’m happy I did – I think it adds a little variety and interest!


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