the dress from the attic

Isn’t finding vintage dresses in attics any girls dream?

Also debuting my new (and second!) Kombi-bike. Does two make a collection?

Going home for me inevitably means rummaging through the attic, to see if there are any treasures there this time that I’ve overlooked in the past. The same boxes comes out, a lot of the same clothes gets pulled out, tried on, rejected, laughed at, reminisced about, asked questions about. Where is this from? Who made it? When was it used?

This dress was made by a family friend’s aunt, who worked as a seamstress. I love knowing that about the dress, and I can see the “handmade” in it, but also the “professional”. The hems are so even and tidy, but the skirt-hem and the sleeves are done in different colored threads. Similarly, the machine stitches are so neat and tiny, but the facing is handstitched.

My mom and I have decided this must be from the 1950s. After more than five decades in existence, it’s starting to show some wear. There was a tear right down the center of the bodice that I have quite simply stitched together. The thread has worn away in places, and the fabric  itself is coming apart in some spots on the neckline. Some things are beyond repair, so I think I will repair what I can, treat the dress gently, but wear it proudly as long as I can.

I am beyond delighted that I found this dress, even more so that it fits like a glove, but most of all? That this is round #2 for this particular dress and me. See, it turns out that during my childhood it belonged to a well-used cardboard box in my house, marked “dress-up clothes”.


3 thoughts on “the dress from the attic”

  1. Oh wow, you’re a lucky girl too, it’s so pretty!
    I agree. Attick-finds are the best. Better than shopping :-).
    And cute bike (I love bikes…).

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