the perfect pants project

Pretty nice outfit, yeah? I love grey jeans. I think they are more versatile than both proper “blue jeans”, and black jeans. I’m pretty sure the secret is that grey fades so beautifully. They never look like they are worn out, or get tell-tale lighter ridges along the seams. I mean, they do, but it doesn’t scream “too worn”.

Anyways, these jeans are pretty perfect, in my eyes. They are flattering in color, and in cut, and they are very comfortable. So… what’s the problem? Let’s look closer:

And closer:

Yep, these are absolutely in the “cannot pretend any longer that they aren’t worn out” category. I guess it’s ok – they have lasted me four years, which isn’t bad for a pair of jeans from Zara. But! I’ve decided to let them live on through my “perfect pants project” (I even made a button for the sidebar!). I will use this pair of jeans to trace and tweak a pattern for the perfect pair of pants.

This will mean methodically taking the worn pair apart, recording the steps and methods of constructing them, tracing the pieces to make a pattern, and then making a pair of pants from scratch using the pattern and the sewing steps from the original pair. I’m in no hurry to complete this project as quickly as possible. In fact, knowing myself and my schedule, it will work out the best if I break it down into many steps, over many months.

Does anyone else have a favorite pair of pants that just aren’t appropriate to be seen in public with anymore? Anyone want to join me in trying to recreate the perfect pair of pants?


2 thoughts on “the perfect pants project”

  1. just want to say i like this site cos u do not dump tons of megabytes of advertising onto my ‘puter. and you have free patterns. thanks

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