yummy yarn

I’ve added some yarn to my yarn-stash this summer! My mom bought me this brown handspun yarn at a market. Or, rather, it was part of a project of building a replica of the Norwegian vikingship Osebergskipet. The ship is being built using period accurate techniques, tools and materials, and it’s all being done outside in Tønsberg’s town square, for all to see. It was so cool to see all the people involved, and how far they had gotten on this year and a half-long project (and that’s just the actual building part, they’ve done preparations and research for years!).

Among the woodworkers and blacksmiths, there was a trailer with Gammelnorsk spelsau, a very old breed of sheep, and they had homespun yarn for sale. Seeing the sheep that the wool came from made this yarn even more dear to me, so whatever gets made from these two skeins will be very special!

The next yarn I actually (gasp!) bought with a project in mind. This is rare. The yarn is Cascade 220 Heathers in Gold, and I think this color is the most wonderful color. It’s an elusive yellow-gold-orange, with flecks of both red and green, which seems like an odd combination, but it certainly works! I just can’t wait to be able to wear this soft wonderfulness, and this is the project that necessitated buying this very lovely yarn:

Click on the photo to go to the designer’s pattern-page. Design by Elinor Brown, photo by Ingrid Deon.

Isn’t is lovely? I can’t wait to knit and to wear this! It’s the Bayview Street Cardigan, and I’m casting on as soon as I’ve made a swatch and made sure I know what I’m doing have all the needles I need in the right size. I’m even participating in my first Knit-Along (KAL) for this, which I am very excited about! Here is the ravelry link for the KAL, if anyone feels moved to knit this as well!

Lastly, the yarn that isn’t yarn yet. I shoved this big bag of fleece in my suitcase coming back from my summer at home, and now I plan to spin it all up. I don’t have access to a spinning wheel, so it’ll just be me and my drop spindle this time around. I’ve spun yarn out of this wool earlier, so I know it will be fairly co-operative. I’m thinking maybe some chunky one-ply? I might even try to work it into my final collection of my Fashion Design degree, but no promises. In the meanwhile, I have a hefty pile of wool that smells like sheep – and that is a good thing to have.

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