self-stitched-september: Days 1-4

This is what trying to take outfit pictures looks like. It’s a lot of scuttling to make the timer, standing in the right spot, looking at the camera, while not blinking your eyes or bending your legs so much that you look silly. Often though, the “unsuccessful” pictures are my favorites.

Day 1Neighbourhood-errands-outfit: self-stitched Marie-skirt, thrifted shirt, thrifted wedge sandals.
Day 2 Rainy-day-outfit: boat-dress, Viking wellies, thrifted belt
Day 3Lounging-at-home-outfit: remade thrifted shirt, H&M tank, Zara pants
Day 4Cook-out-outfit: self-stitched shirt, Quicksilver jeans, thrifted Anne Klein suede oxford flats, earrings from Etsy seller metamorph

(See the full list of participants here)

7 thoughts on “self-stitched-september: Days 1-4”

  1. I’m a chicken! I didn’t sign up for self-stitched September out of fear of not having enough garments, when I really should just jump at the opportunity to actually wear the ones I have more!
    I might photograph my self-stitched outfits anyway, I envy those of you who actaully play the game…
    I often like the wonky photo’s too, the ones where I don’t look into the camera and the ones where I move so that part of them are blurry. Much more interesting than the perfect ones.
    Nice outfits!

    1. Thanks Karin! Well, you have a ton of drape-drape stuff now! ;) There is a lot of leeway in the SSS, and I’m doing the lite version (as people seem to be referring to it as), where we wear self-made things everyday, but not exclusivly. It certainly takes away a lot of pressure for me!

      And I agree… I keep wanting to post the blurry, looking away, hands-in-front-of-face kinds of pictures. Perhaps I will start to post more of those?

  2. Fun outfits. I love the inclusion of an umbrella in your styling for that shot. :-) It occurred to me that we all will have some good information at the end of Sept…what works, what we need to sew next etc. For myself, I need a skirt!

    1. Absolutely! I think some more basic, or mixable, tops and shirts are on my list. And pants. I think that is a great part of this project. I also enjoy pushing myself to combining my clothes in new ways, and attempt to put effort and thought into my outfit each day.

  3. Looking good so far! At least you’ve managed to take a shot each day — all my photo-taking devices are either on loan, terrible quality or incompatible with my computer. *sigh* Technical difficulties.

    I especially like the dress-with-wellies combo.

    1. Thank you Susannah! I’m sorry about your technical difficulties – I have to say, the picture-taking feels like at least half the work of the Self-stitched-month! (I like wearing wellies without shame. It stopped raining about five minutes after I left my apartment. I was upset. I wanted to be wearing wellies with a purpose! ;) )

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