self-stitched-september: Days 6-9

Where is day 5 you ask? Day 5 was spent on a bike, in bike-performance-wear – none of which was self-stitched. So. No day 5 unfortunately. But here are the following days!

Day 6 –  Labour-day-outfit: self-stitched shorts, tank-top, self-knitted cardigan, thrifted sandals
Day 7Back-to-school-outfit:: shirt from linQ, refashioned skirt, sandals from Etsy seller SallyJaneVintage
Day 8 Back-to-work-outfit: beach-blouse, Zara corduroy jeans, necklace from antique market in Beijing, flats from Bianco
Day 9Just-at-school-outfit: Marie-skirt, shirt from somewhere, Blowfish booties

(See the full list of participants here)


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