self-stitched-september: Days 24-27

As I alluded to in the previous installment of self-stitched-september-outfit-pictures-posts, the boy and I spent the weekend at a cabin with some friends in Michigan. Wanting to pack lightly for the four days we’d be gone, I limited my clothing to a pair of pants, a skirt, three tops and two cardigans. I think I could have done with less, but I had to plan it out so there could be combinations including something self-stitched each day! However, camp-clothes often have more utilitarian needs than stylish needs, so honestly, my capsule travel wardrobe was a little off. Regardless, a departure in location from the red couch:

Day 24Cabin-and-lake-outfit: pants from System Action, thrifted shirt, self-machine-knit cardigan, Bianco flats
Day 25 Waiting-for-the-fireworks-outfit: another Marie-skirt, thrifted shirt, cardigan from Zara, H&M tights, really old Cubus socks, Bianco flats
Day 26Hitchiking-to-Saginaw-outfit: Zara cardigan, beach-blouse, pants from System Action, necklace from H&M, infamous old socks
Day 27Back-in-town-outfit: System Action top, cardigan from the attic, self-stitched shorts, tights from Hue, thrifted oxfords

(See the full list of participants here)


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