the object of my attention

I thought I’d share the project that is responsible for my relative radio-silence, and is taking up most of my attention at the moment! The cap-stone class in my fashion design degree is the senior collection. Two semesters are spent designing, developing, prototyping, producing, and promoting a collection.

The starting point for my designs was a “bunadsliv”, a part of the Norwegian national costume, that my mom and I found in our attic a couple of summers ago. The national costumes I’ve grown up with as ‘special occasion dress’ is quite clear in the silhouettes of the outfits I’ve designed, with a touch of the Victorian era for some nostalgia.

Design journal pages

The connection to past generations not only through these special garments, but also through hand-work, has become more and more important to me lately. And because of that, I’m planning on incorporating knitting, embroidery, leather work, and silk-screen printing into this project.

Technique samples, color stories, design journal pages.

The start of this project came about in a class prior to the senior collection was begun, so the designs have changed a bit since then. Especially the color palette has been updated, with some magenta and green-brown-yellows in addition to the more “vintage” look of dusty grey-blues, charcoal, and parchment colors. I’m really excited to see how this comes together in the next handful (hmm.. a big handful) of months, and I’m especially excited to start making all of these things. I’ll make sure to keep sharing little snippets of my work as they happen!

6 thoughts on “the object of my attention”

  1. Wow! You have quite the ambitious plan. We had to do three separate outfits, and they could be as many pieces as you wanted. (Some girls did three-piece men’s suits as 1 outfit, some girls did one bathing suit as 1 outfit – it all depends!) I had all these crazy wild plans on what mine was going to be.. and then as it got closer to deadline, I started scrapping accessories, the jacket that was supposed to go over the dress, etc etc.

    That’s a great idea, I have to dig up the photos as they’re on film! and i’m not even that old :) but I can do up a post on my final collection. Even looking back I still love how it all came together!

    I have to say, the BEST part of the whole thing was the moment my music started for my segment of the fashion show and my models came out in MY clothes, I was so happy I wanted to cry! Best 90 seconds of the whole school year.

    1. Hehe… Teachers and classmates keep hinting that I might be a little crazy, but… it’s better to try, right?

      Can’t wait to see pictures, and that sounds so lovely with the fashion-show moment! It really sounds like a great memory for you!

  2. Oh wow, so much work! I remember my final line from fashion school and spending two semesters designing, creating and sewing it as well! (Mine was modern-cowgirl clothing, we had to do special niche markets..)
    How many different outfits do you have to make? Good luck, it’s looking very pretty so far especially the silk-screen designs!

    1. Hi Tasia! Thank you – I’m quite in love with the silk-screen design myself! (it’s based on the heather flower, from botanical drawings) We’re doing at least three outfits, I’m aiming for four… maybe five? Several of my outfits consist of two or three garments, and then I have a whole lot of accessories planned as well! Yes… it’s a lot of work. I’m feeling good about it so far though!

      Would you be willing to do a post on your final collection, on your blog? I would love to hear other people’s experience with them – what you learned for later, if it’s been helpful to your career.. those sorts of things!

  3. Hey lady, L O V E your blog + I totally can’t wait to see your thesis! Your self stitched september looked like a dream, I sort of gave that a half-try, but other pattern-making tasks got in my way. Oh, well! Are you on burdastyle?

    1. Oh, thank you so much Jen! Self-stitched-september was a good challenge – it shook things up a bit! I am indeed on burdastyle, username indigorchid. I’ll hop right over and see if I can befriend you there too (though I have to admit, I have a lot of retrospective adding to do over there!)

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