Baby blanket in progress

In my everlasting quest for frugality, especially in my crafting-life, there is hardly anything as satisfying as using up scraps of fabric. Of course, small pieces of fabric is the hardest to put to good use, but I’ve found that baby-blankets are excellent projects for scrap-usage. The summer before last, I made a baby-blanket for my then soon-to-be-born nephew:

Now I have another one in progress, and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the color-combination is pretty much exactly the same as the last one? I think only one fabric is the same, but my stash does have a very consistent color story – I keep gravitating towards the same colors!

Unlike the first blanket, where I made the colored strips by fairly randomly sewing together pieces of fabric, I spent a lot more effort setting up a composition of colored blocks that I was happy with. I left the blanket-in-progress laying on the floor for several days, shifting pieces around every time I walked past, until I was happy with the rhythm and balance.

This blanket still has a graphic feel to it, but it’s more blocked off, and with fewer fabrics than the last one. The grey fabric is a lovely shiny linen, the two green tones some quilting weight cotton, and the mustard colored corduroy is precious left-over scraps from my mustard shorts.

I have the blanket about halfway sewn up, using strips of the blue patterned fabric to connect the colored blocks. I’ve been topstitching too, which I think makes for a nice and polished finish. I’m using the same ribbed jersey from the other baby blanket as the inner layers, but I’m thinking of machine-quilting this one, and quilting it a lot more than the first blanket. Now I just have to decide if I’ll match top-quilting to the green and orange blocks, or to the blue background!

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