my traveling scarf

Some people like to call it the shifting sands scarf, that is true, but I prefer “my traveling scarf” – this has been my travel-knitting project ever since I cast on last summer.

For a year and a half, this growing sand-dune has been pulled out of my bag on airplanes, buses, on trains of all kinds and sizes – in airports, and in cars. It’s been a good travel companion; a pattern that is easy enough to memorize, but still involved enough to keep me somewhat occupied. It was also satisfying to see it grow, and it was easy to roll up to a manageable size while I was working on it.

The yarn came from the everlasting thrifted Eddie Bauer sweater, but this project actually utilized the very last scraps of it! This was my intention for the scarf too – since I could just keep going until I ran out of yarn.

Other than the interesting texture, I love that this scarf can be worked up in any yarn, with any needles, and to any length – with successful results. In addition to being a versatile pattern, it’s also well written. The scarf has, by the designers calculations, thousands of cables. Which actually is as easy as slipping stitches if you follow her wonderful tutorial on cabling without cable-needles!

I’ve never been terribly interested in cables, which I suspect has a little something to do with not being terribly interested in most “extras” – which holds true both in knitting, sewing, and most other aspects of my life. Hence, no cable-needles have ever touched my hands. With this technique in my arsenal however, I might just attempt a more traditional cabled project after all! Oh, and I’m pretty sure there are more shifting sands in my future. Pretty sure!

(Blog pattern here, ravelry link here. All photos by the boy.)


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