mmmm, new fabrics

There hasn’t been a lack of fabric and yarn purchases lately, but not all of it has been for me. These lovelies however, are all mine…

I bought the bottom two fabrics for my pants-project, which I have to admit hasn’t made much progress.. yet! I’m waiting for a chunk of available time to take my existing pair apart, but I have gotten my hands on some fabric I intend to make pants of! There is a dark denim that I’m hoping will fade to something closer to grey than blue, and a fine-waled dark brown-grey corduroy. It’s fairly thin however, and it might not be as suitable for pants as I thought it would be when I bought it. Fear not! I’m pretty sure I can find something to make with it! It’s so soft and pretty…

The yellow dupioni is really more muddy acid green in real life – it’s like navy or true red I guess; really hard to photograph. I only got myself a half yard of this, but it should make yards upon yards of bias strips. After the sewing techniques workshop I took a little while back, I’m completely in love with bias strips and what they can be used for, and I have bound seams, hong-kong hems, piping, and lots more in mind! Imagine finishing off the inside of a skirt with a pop of shimmery yellow-green silk dupioni? Fun!

Lastly, my splurge… There was a fabric rep at my school recently, and we were able to order some fabrics usually only available wholesale to designers. This richly colored silk/cotton blend just jumped out amongst the rest, begging to come home with me and be turned into the best summer dress ever. And that’s the latest addition on my sewing list: The Best Summer Dress Ever. Oh! That fabric is so pretty!

(Denim and corduroy from Fishman’s Fabrics, and silk dupioni from Vogue Fabrics, both in Chicago)

One thought on “mmmm, new fabrics”

  1. Fun! That’s exactly how I feel when I buy new fabric – mine all mine!
    Love your splurge-y silk cotton fabric. I can’t wait to see your Best Summer Dress ever! :)

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