a new year

I guess I’m already a little behind with this new-year-post-thing, since I’ve already posted something in this new year that had nothing to do with accomplishments and resolutions. I’m enjoying people’s resolutive and summing-up posts out there in the blog-world – especially the crafting ones – so I think I’ll follow suit!

2011 is looking like it will be a whirlwind of a year: I’ll be working hard towards my graduation in May, and the boy and I will also be packing up our life in Chicago at the same time, and then head…. well, I’m not sure yet. The ultimate goal is to move (back home – for me) to Norway, but we’d like to take advantage of the time post-May to travel a bit. With no obligations anywhere, I guess we’re looking at a bit of a nomadic life before we settle down somewhere!

And that’s why I think setting very concrete crafting goals for myself this year is a little futile.  I easily feel bad if I don’t accomplish self-imposed goals, which isn’t all that fair towards myself when I have plenty of projects to work on! I think having resolutions can be wonderful, but I’m worried they might feel constricting in a year that will see so much change for me.

Anyways! I’d like to sum up what I did – crafting-wise – in 2010! (click any image for the blog-post)

So there it is – 14 projects. And a whole lot of them knitting! I’m nowhere near what other productive ladies have managed this past year, such as SouleMama‘s 12, 13, 14 sweaters (and that’s counting only sweaters, knitted ones!), Tasia of Sewaholic‘s 28 items, or Mena of sewweekly‘s whopping 52+ dresses. I did release a pattern for my reversible biking hat – and that feels like an accomplishment! I also have a couple of projects I just haven’t posted yet, so let’s call the total number 15. Or 16.

There is a lot of things I’ve been (and am!) working on that doesn’t really show up as finished projects yet, but here is a peek at projects I technically started last year, but haven’t finished yet:

• My Bayview Street cardigan is a sleeve away from being done
• A kind of secret cardigan project is started
Another baby-blanket has been started
• I’m well on my way on creating my 3, hopefully 4-look collection for my final semester at school
• I’ve started a February fitted sweater
• My pocket-pencil-skirt is on its way

And I do have some projects in mind for 2011 – well, at least the first part:

• Did I mention the collection?
• I have several ideas of some how-tos to put up on this old blog
• A pile of things to mend and re-fashion
• A perfect summer dress
• A little blog-improvement
• My perfect pants project
• A 1930’s reproduction dress in a mustard-colored rayon chiffon
• A couple of self-made patterns I’d like to share (!) (this I’m very excited about!)
• More excitement – an upcoming give-away to celebrate my 100th post (which hasn’t happened yet, but soon!)

Any other crafting-resolution-makers out there? Thoughts on making resolutions – or not? Do share!


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