a blog face-lift!

It looks a little different around here now, doesn’t it! They are certainly not drastic changes, but I have been wanting to make some changes to the blog. After three years, now seems like a good time to make some updates! For posterity’s sake, this is how my blog has looked (with some header-design changes) since I started in May, 2008:

In addition to a new look, there are a couple of new things too! I’ve added a couple of pages – one is a collection of my “finished objects”:

It’s a nice way of collecting all my creations in one spot (at least the ones I’ve blogged about!), and it has links to the blog-posts too.

The other page I added is for “how-to’s” and patterns:

Right now there are only two entries on the page – which hardly seems worth a whole separate page! I’ve got heaps (ok, maybe handfuls) of stuff I’m planning on putting on there though, and I’m so excited about growing that section of the blog! I’ll write up how-to’s and patterns and post them as regular blog-posts, and then add links back to those posts on this “how-to’s & patterns” page.

Both those pages are easy to get to with the handy links I now have to all my pages, right at the top of the blog. I’ve also added clickable buttons in my sidebar, which you might have noticed looks a little different. Gone is the flickr-link, because – honestly – I just don’t use it much any more. Ok, really honest? Really never. There is now a new link to my burdastyle profile (which I hope to add to regularly), along with links to the new pages.

Lastly I’ve added a little list of what sorts of projects I’m working on right now. That list will of course be ever-changing as I finish things, and add new projects!

There will probably be minor tweaks for a little while as I fine-tune things behind the scenes. But all in all I really like this new look, and I hope you do too!


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